Tamms Year Ten

Organizing Meeting on Sunday 1/27, updates by Frank Edwards
January 26, 2008, 7:07 pm
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Organizing Meeting!

Sunday, Jan 27, 2pm
People’s Law Office
1180 N. Milwaukee Ave

Our next meeting is tomorrow–Sunday. This is the place to discuss strategy, and nail down the specifics of how your skills and connections can be used in this campaign! We would love to get every willing person plugged into tasks and committees. This is a campaign timeline–we need you to act fast. We also welcome new people to keep coming and asking tough questions and learning more. That is how we got involved.

UPDATES from the Year Ten campaign

The group Temporary Services and Sara Ross are working on a “Supermax Subscriptions” project to send magazines to supermax prisoners using accumulated/leftover Frequent Flyer points. They will introduce this project with a drive to get every man in Tamms a magazine subscription!

We are creating a list of organizations who back our mission and are willing to let us list their name in solidarity with this effort. If you know any such organization, please ask them to join the Year Ten coalition! Or feel free to direct us about how we might propose this to the group. Contact Julia.

The Hideout, Saturday, March 15
A BENEFIT FOR THE TAMMS YEAR TEN COALITION Featuring Elmore James Jr. and Rupert (Jaimie Branch/Marc Riordan/Toby Summerfield)

The John Howard Association has a visit to Tamms this spring. If anyone wants to go to Tamms, you need to register now as a community inspector. There is no doubt that a lot of us should do this. Last time I looked, the date of the Tamms visit was TBA. We may also go down to Tamms to visit some of the men. This would require much pre-planning and prior commitment.

There is talk about calling a meeting of artists to talk about visual, graphic approaches to representing this problem. And to talk about what entity could create a widespread call to artists.

A website is underway–although it will not be up for another 4 weeks. In the meantime, there will be a wordpress site up this weekend. More on that soon.

The amazing CAFF group has offered to make t-shirts. This is really an honor! And Sara is working on a trifold for us. Bless her!

8. Angela Davis
Frank announced this campaign at the Angela Davis lecture, and she gave it her great enthusiasm! The campaign is 100% Angela Davis approved. He and Julia passed out flyers and got emails.

9. Larry, Ruby, Reggie, Melvin
Best of all, we are working with these inspiring individuals who spent years in Tamms, and are now on the outside doing great things and taking the time to help the guys who are still there. We just re-connected with Reggie who has started a non-profit called Saving Our Sons which is working to stop the flow of human beings going to the IDOC by educating youth, working with CAPS, promoting gun-turn ins, and working on re-entry programs and reconditional houses for ex-offenders. As you know from meeting Larry, these men are the best argument that Tamms should be closed–and there could be no campaign without them.


Sunday, Jan 27, 2pm
People’s Law Office
1180 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago IL, 60622
(This is at the Division/Ashland/Miluakee intersection. near the Division blue line stop, just west of the Division exit on 90/94.)
(If you can’t find street parking, there is a public lot behind the vocational school at the corner of Bosworth and Division. Bring quarters.)
(Thank you to People’s Law for donating the space.)

Saturday, Feb 9, 10am-noon
Progressive Community Center
The People’s Church
56 E. 48th St. Chicago, IL 60615


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