Tamms Year Ten

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February 25, 2008, 7:27 pm
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April 28-Monday-10AM-4PM.
Illinois House Prison Reform Committee Hearings on Tamms
James R. Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60601

Having the hearings set is a big step forward–now we can channel everyone at every event to attend the hearings!

Tamms letter-writing event and kick-off for Supermax Subscriptions.
March 8–Saturday–6PM-8:30PM.

Mess Hall. 6932 N Glenwood Ave, Chicago, IL 60626
The new project called Supermax Subscriptions is a collaboration between Temporary Services, Tamms Poetry Committee and Sara Ross. Supermax Subscriptions asks people to use their surplus frequent flyer miles to give the gift of a yearly magazine subscription to a person in a supermax prison–we are starting with Tamms.

If anyone wants to schedule a little music for this event, we could be entertained while we sign letters!

3. STATEVILLE SPEAKS totally dedicated to Tamms.
The publication written in collaboration between prisoners and the outside is dedicating a short special March issue to Tamms. All our events and endorsers are listed. This is a great publication–it engages with complex and challenging subjects–and free to prisoners. (If you aren’t subscribed, tell us.) The edition that just came out is about the impact of crime on victims.

Dean Rank made us a beautiful poster for the blues/jazz benefit and Screwball Press screened it for free. Thank you! All organized by Tom and Kent.


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February 10, 2008, 7:26 pm
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Meetings on Saturday, Feb 9:

SOUTH SIDE ORGANIZING MEETING: Over 20 people attended the organizing meeting on the south side. We had introductions, updates, and energetic discussion. We heard testimony from family and ex-prisoners and debated both campaign and press strategy. We planned a next meeting for February 23, Saturday at 10am.

NORTH SIDE ARTISTS MEETING: Then, later on the north side, 10 artists brainstormed, discussed and planned events at Elastic Arts, Funky Buddha, Proletarian Productions, and an Unseen Labor Installation by RATIO. Wow. They also talked about coordinating publication, and the need to obtain audio and video testimony.

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February 10, 2008, 7:19 pm
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We are so relieved that two great legislators on the Prison Reform Committee won their primary elections yesterday. Thye are independent thinkers who care about rehabilitation and lowering recidivism, and are willing to fight for people–like prisoners and their families–who aren’t going to bring them a lot of money or votes.

We are creating a list of organizations who back our mission and would like us to list their name in solidarity with this effort. If you know any such organization, please ask them to join the Year Ten coalition! Or feel free to direct us about how we might propose this to the group. We would love to have some prison ministries and ex-offender ministries and churches on the list. See the list of endorsers.

There is an official totally lovely website underway thanks to Dave, Dmitry and the Crossroads Fund. In the meantime we have this wordpress site which is getting fatter and healthier every day thanks to Frank who is also busy doing a ton of other stuff, as is Toussaint who has been researching!

Kristen and Donna cranked out a grant application to RESIST!

Jacob Juntunen wrote an original play about Tamms! Expect more details soon about when it will be at Prop Thtr.

Temporary Services, Sara Ross and Tamms Poetry Committee are working on the magazine drive to get a magazine subscription for each Tamms prisoner–by asking people to buy magazines with their Frequent Flyer points! Marc actually called the prison and went through the list of magaiznes with the mailroom–which is so awesome!

7. Larry, Ruby, Reggie, Melvin
As always, we are honored to be working with these men who spent years in Tamms, and are now on the outside doing great things and taking the time to help the guys who are still there. As you know already from meeting them, these men are the best argument that Tamms should be closed–and there can be no campaign without them. If you know anyone else from Tamms, please let us know.

8. MORE YEAR TEN EVENTS ORGANIZED! (Thank you Amy, Cynthia, Tom, Joe, Kent, Kristen, Stephen) See the event list! And just wait until you see the poster that Dean Rank is making for the blues benefit!

Two Meetings Saturday by Frank Edwards
February 6, 2008, 2:03 pm
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Our next meetings are:

Year Ten Organizing Meeting
Saturday, Feb 9, 10am-noon
Progressive Community Center
The People’s Church
56 E. 48th St.
Chicago, IL 60615
(Near red line. Plenty of street parking)

Notes on Organizing Meeting:
We hope that everyone can make it. We’ll specifically be discussing how former inmates and family members can talk to the media, but we’ll be giving updates on everything that’s going on in the campaign and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to learn about what’s happening at Tamms and how you can help out in bringing attention to torture at Tamms, where people are kept in permanent solitary confinement, experience extreme sensory deprivation, experience extreme brutality, and have to struggle to have even minimal (non-physical) contact with their families.

Year Ten Meeting for Artists
Saturday, Feb 9, 3pm
2114 N. California Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
(Near California stop on north blue line. Street parking.)

Meeting to talk about the role of cultural work in the currently underway and gaining momentum Tamms Year 10 Campaign (more info here http://www.YearTen.org) that is dealing with drawing attention to and shutting down the Tamms supermax prison in downstate IL.

Media by Frank Edwards
February 3, 2008, 7:34 pm
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So we’re compiling all of the Tamms associated media we can find. You’ll find some of it (compiled by one of our outstanding researchers) in the press section. We’ll be getting some more up as soon as we format it. If you know of any Tamms coverage, research about solitary/supermaxes, or anything else you think might be helpful, pass it on to us at YearTen(at)riseup.net.

Now is the time by Frank Edwards
February 1, 2008, 2:46 pm
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For everyone to get involved in the Tamms Year Ten campaign! We have about six weeks until the ten year anniversary of Tamms’ opening, and we want to make sure that this anniversary marks a change in how Illinois runs its prison system. We need all kinds of help right now, from designers to phone-callers to photo-copiers to speechifiers! Please email YearTen(at)riseup.net if you can help.