Tamms Year Ten

The Tamms Poetry Committee

This site will no longer be updated, please check YearTen.org for updates from the Tamms Year Ten Campaign.

The Tamms Poetry Committee came together in order to do one of the few things that can be done to help someone in permanent solitary confinement: write them letters. It makes a surprisingly big difference for men who have been warehoused and forgotten to see that someone on the outside cares about their lives. We are working with the prisoners as much as possible to communicate their words, their experiences, and their testimony to the public. Our activities include:

1. Organizing mailings to send letters and poems to each man in Tamms.
2. Compiling testimony concerning solitary confinement and sensory deprivation.
3. Filling requests for books and poetry.
4. Collecting the names of people who need pen pals and trying to find writers.
5. Planning and coordinating events of the Year Ten campaign to publicize and protest the conditions at Tamms.

The Tamms Poetry Committee regularly holds meetings and social events to accomplish these tasks. We welcome your participation. Please contact TammsPoetryCommittee@gmail.com.


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